Steam Baths

steam roomSitting in a steam bath has a number of health and beauty benefits, ranging from muscle relaxation to skin purification. These are the benefits of using a steam bath: relief from muscle tension and stiff joints; improved immune system functioning; lymph detoxification; improved blood circulation; relief from sinus congestion; reduced stress; raised metabolism; improved complexion; alleviate sports injury pain; ease cold symptoms; and purify and detoxify the skin and body for a smooth hydrating effect


saunaMedical studies clearly show stress in our daily lives affects our health. In fact, the vast majority of disease is stress related. The sauna provides stress relief in a number of ways. The heat of the sauna relaxes the body, improves circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins-the body's natural feel good chemical, relaxing muscles, soothing aches and pains and providing a wonderful "after sauna glow."


Infra Red Saunas

infra-red saunaInfrared saunas heat it's occupants with heaters that emit infrared radiant heat. Unlike traditional Finnish Saunas, infrared saunas do not use direct heat or steam, (which heats the air, and thereby the user) but instead use infrared heat to directly heat the user. Scientific studies have shown that a 20 minute session in an infrared sauna can result in the loss of toxins and stored fats in the body by up to six times the level a traditional sauna or exercise alone can achieve. 

There are many benefits of using this relaxing and enjoyable therapy but sufferers of the following will find it especially beneficial:  

  • Seasonal depression (SAD)
  • Stress conditions and muscular tension
  • General pain conditions
  • Asthma, bronchitis
  • Dermatological diseases
  • Fibromyalgia (soft part rheumatism)
  • Arthritis
  • Vertebral complaints
  • Chronic infections and immune deficiencies