Aerobics/Aqua classes


L-B-T's - Intensive calorie burning workout to tone up, firm up, burning fat from thighs, buttocks and stomach. General shape up.

Zumba - Calorie burning turning your fitness routine into a dance. Mixing low intensity and high intensity moves into a calorie burning workout. Boost your fitness level and tone your body.

Core - Maintain core strength and support your physical balance. Build strength, stability and endurance whilst sculpting and toning your body.

Cardio Conditioning - Strengthen, tone and define your body with this high energy class. Hard core work-outs build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility. Burn calories and leave feeling stronger than when you arrived. High intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body.

Absolute Beginners - Calorie crushing classes to boost strength and improve overall fitness. Find comfort and confidence in your work-outs whilst getting your heart pumping.

H.I.I.T - High Intensity Interval Training involves short bursts of activity with maximum effort. Maximise fat burning and muscle building to improve your overall fitness levels. Intense exercise combined with short recovery periods.

Stretch - Relives tension with core strengthening exercises. Have fun with flexibility.

Power Pump - High intensity body weight and weight based exercises. High energy routines building muscle with a full body blast.

Combat - Fitness boxing class with intervals and circuit training class inspired by martial arts. Strike your way through a whole body workout with motivating music. Calorie burning with strength and power.


Pilates - Structured controlled movements manipulating your core muscles improving strength, endurance and flexibility. Full workout with control and balance on your mind and body.


Dance - Flexibility and strength training incorporated in different forms of dance. Relaxed environment to let your inhibitions go to learn some new movements. 


Circuits - A combination of short exercises with recovery/rest intervals in a multi-stationed class. A mixture of cardiovascular fitness with muscular strength and endurance.


Aqua Aerobics - Water based aerobics to suit all levels of fitness working the whole body. Low impact class suitable for all abilities improving stamina and strength.

Yoga (Vinyasa) - A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline including breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific body positions. Widely practiced for health and relaxation.


Boogie Bounce - A complete exercise programme performed on mini trampolines. This programme consists of H.I.I.T cardio sections followed by toning. A full body workout utilising every muscle.


Run Club- Explore Maldon (and it's hills) in this class for all abilities. A perfect way to meet new friends and enjoy the outdoors whilst conditioning your body.