Aerobics/Aqua classes


Aerobics - Dance based fitness.

Step/Step 'n Tone - Aerobic class using progressive choreography to give an excellent aerobic workout, proven to burn fat. Some knowledge of step is helpful but everyone is welcome.

Clare's Combat - An energetic class using martial arts and boxing. An intensive calorie burning workout.

H.I.I.T - High Intensity Interval Training. Suitable for all abilities as you work as hard as you can.

Studio Circuit Training - A full body workout using "stations" positioned around the studio. Suitable for all abilities, male and female.

Pilates - A class teaching you how to increase your posture and core strength using gentle stretching exercises.

Fitness Yoga - Core strength and deep stretch class using yoga moves.

Weight Blast - Total body workout using weights.

Aqua Aerobics - Water based aerobics to suit all levels of fitness.