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Park Drive Health Club is a health club that provides access to a wide range of services and amenities. With fully qualified and experienced fitness professionals, you get the personal attention to achieve your goals.

Indulge in an experience that will take your fitness potential to the next level. Join us today!

Free Weights at Park Drive Health Club, Maldon
Free Weights at Park Drive Health Club, Maldon

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Inductions / Fitness Assessments

Park Drive’s fully qualified and experienced team of personal trainers and gym instructors provide free gym Inductions and fitness assessments to help kick off your fitness journey and set you up for success in your future training at Park Drive Health Club.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training team offer one-to-one sessions to a full range of abilities from those just starting out, to even the most experienced of gym users.  Personal Trainers can tailor programmes to your ability helping you to reach your fitness goals quicker and more effectively.

Free Weights

Park Drive’s training facilities include a free weights section suitable for all abilities. A welcoming environment for all members and filled with high quality lifting equipment.


Park Drive offers a wide range of cardiovascular gym equipment which is tailored to all fitness abilities. Helping those to progress on their fitness journeys to get one step closer to achieving your goals.

Resistance Machines

Park Drive’s facilities offer a wide range of resistance machines to help progress you into reaching your fitness goals.

SMT HUB (Sports Massage Therapy)

SMT HUB provides sports massage therapy, kinesiology taping and dry cupping to help you recover from injuries, provide relief from any aches and pains and in general help to improve your health and wellbeing.