Due to the current Covid-19 situation all swimming sessions have to be booked.

This can be done via our online booking system.



The pool is 15.75 metres long by 7.5 metres wide and has a constant depth of 1.2m. We try to keep it heated to 30 degrees, winter and summer, making it ideal for serious swimmers as well as those not so confident.  


Why Exercise in Water?

  • More key muscles groups are used in swimming than in other sports
  • It improves flexibility, strength and circulation
  • It improves the ability to control and maintain a healthy weight
  • Injury is less likely due to the support of the water with no pounding or jarring the joints
  • Water is 800 times denser than air so it requires more effort to move through it
  • Being submerged creates a private environment to exercise in
  • Water can be as heavy as you want it to be making it an excellent piece of fitness equipment

Please note that the pool must be vacated at least 1 hour before the club closes each evening



Swimming Lessons

A full swim programme is available every weekday from 4pm to 6.30pm offering small classes of not more than 6 with friendly ASA qualified teachers. To book your place please email maldonandessexswimschool@hotmail.com

Beginner - Non swimmers

Improvers - Able to swim 5m front and back
Junior Advanced - Able to swim 10m front and back and knowledge of breaststroke
Senior Advanced - Able to swim 10m front, back, breastroke and knowledge of butterfly
Personal Survival - Able to swim 20m. Covers water safety, rescues and basic first aid
Challenge - Able to swim 50m. Develops stamina and advanced water skills
Junior Lifesaving Club - 8 to 11 yrs. Session includes rescuing, water safety, dry side CPR and first aid. Rookie awards
Senior Lifesaving Club - 12 yrs and above. Gold Rookie and Bronze Medallion


2.00pm - Adult & Child
2.30pm - Teddies
3.30pm - Stanley
4.00pm - Octopus
4.30pm - Advance Stanley
5.00pm - Goldfish
5.30pm - Angelfish
6.00pm - Sharks
6.30pm - Challenge



2.00pm - Adult and Child
2.30pm - Teddies
3.00pm - Private Lesson
3.30pm - Octopus
4.00pm - Stanley
4.30pm - Goldfish
5.00pm - Junior Lifesaving
6.00pm - Senior Lifesaving
7.00pm - Private Lesson


4.00pm - Stanley
4.30pm - Octopus
5.00pm - Advance Stanley
5.30pm - Goldfish
6.00pm - Angelfish/Shark
6.30pm - Private Lesson


4.00pm - Stanley
4.30pm - Octopus
5.00pm - Advance Stanley
5.30pm - Advance Stanley
6.00pm - Goldfish
6.30pm - Angelfish


4.00pm - Stanley
4.30pm - Octopus
5.00pm - Goldfish