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Welcome to Park Drive Health Club

Park Drive Health Club is a fitness and squash club situated off The Promenade Park in Maldon, Essex.  Offering a full range of facilities, we take pride in our relaxed and un-intimidating environment.  Whether keeping fit in our gym or aerobic classes, playing squash or simply relaxing in our sauna, steam room and swimming pool, Park Drive Health Club is the ideal place for all the family.

We now have 3 squash courts of which 2 are glass backed.  Whether you are young or "old", a total beginner or an advanced player looking for more challenges there is something here for you.  Our league has always been strong with several county and international players.  It is complemented by facilities and staff that have taken the club to a level where it can now compete with the bigger chains in an increasingly competitive market place.  Feel you could do with a bit of assistance?  We have an instructor to help you on your way.

Park Drive Health Club was built 30 years ago as a bespoke 6 court squash club.  Over the years the club has grown in size, not only the membership base but also with the addition of new facilities - the outdoor pool was added and 3 squash courts were converted into an aerobics studio, free weights area and gym.  The summer of 2008 saw the covering of the pool with a telescopic glass structure to provide all year round swimming.  A couple of years after that a ladies only gym, sauna and steam room were added to make Park Drive Health Club the ideal package for the modern family.

  • In both the Mixed and Ladyzone Gyms we offer fitness appraisals and programmes written by our fully qualified instructors.  We offer 5 circuit classes a week to give you an extra boost.  Need a bit more?  How about talking to one of our Personal Trainers in our Air Conditioned Aerobic Studio We teach a variety of classes such as Pilates, Step, Body Conditioning and Aerobics to name just a few.  All of our teachers are highly qualified and genuinely care about each member of their class getting the most out of the workout
  • Our Swimming Pool provides 4 aqua aerobic classes a week, suitable for all levels of fitness and ability (water depth 1.2m).  Swimming lessons for individuals and small groups for both adults and children are also available along with self-rescue techniques for youngsters.

Covid safe procedures


Bearing in mind the current situation, there will be many changes and we will try and cover them all, so please bear with us. The situation is changing all the time so we will be reviewing usage on a regular basis and will be adjusting accordingly. Hopefully over time, things will improve, and we can gradually return to normal, but we think it might be a while!


Whilst we have tried to make the club as safe as possible for our members and staff, a lot of the responsibility lies with member’s use of our facilities. We therefore ask all members to respect our procedures and most importantly maintain safe social distancing at all times.



The club’s opening hours will be as follows:

Monday to Friday: 7.00am to 8.00pm (last booking for swimming 6.45pm, Gym to be vacated by 7.40pm).
Weekend: 7.30am to 7.00pm (last booking for swimming 5.30pm, Gym to be vacated by 6.40pm).

All members are asked to attend the club ‘gym/beach’ ready. Changing rooms, and some showers, will be available, but we would like to strongly encourage members to train/swim and go home.
All water fountains are out of use.  Water can be purchased at the bar.

All visits, whether it be for the gym, classes, or pool, will have to be booked online. There will be no bookable gym slots between 2pm and 3pm as this time has been set aside for sanitising purposes.


Your online booking details are: -

USERNAME – door entry code without a * or #.
PASSWORD – surname (lowercase).

The new online booking system will be active as from Friday 24th July.


Door Entry/Bar/Reception

All members are asked to enter their membership number when they attend the club so that we can ‘ Track and Trace’ all those at the club at any one time should there be an issue even those members just wanting to attend for a drink/coffee.

We have screens at the reception and the bar and members are asked to stay behind these when conversing with bar/reception staff. Any items purchased will have to be paid for contactless – no cash will be used.

Members are allowed to use the club bar, or on the roof top patio, as long as they adhere to social distancing at all times.



Unfortunately, squash is the one sport that has been most badly affected by the Covid outbreak. England Squash are saying that only players from the same household can play a game of squash. Any other players will have to play ‘Sides’.- each player has to stick to one side of the court and hit the ball to the other player on the other side, with only one person allowed to serve and touch the ball – not squash as we know it! The courts will have a 10-minute buffer during changeover so that the last users have time to clean all touch points and leave the area clean for the incoming players.

As an interim measure, we have had to use one of the courts (court 3) to enable us to adhere to the social distancing measures for the gym and as a consequence only the two glass backed courts will be available for booking. A difficult decision for me but felt I had no option to comply with government guidelines.


Dance Studio

Classes will be limited to 8 members per class. We ask all members to sanitize whatever equipment used after use. Cleaning stations are available in all locations.

Those attending classes will be asked to exit by the fire door on completion of the class.



Out of action for the foreseeable future.



All gym users will have to book an hourly slot online.

Members online booking details are: -

USERNAME – door entry code without a * or #.

PASSWORD – surname (lowercase).

We have spread out all the gym equipment to comply with social distancing guidelines, so some equipment has had to be relocated on to squash court 3.

It is imperative that members use the available cleaning stations to sanitize the machines after use. We will have a ‘ Covid Member of Staff’ on hand at all times to ensure that this is carried out in the gym and all other areas.

Members are asked to leave the gym via the push bar fire exit in the main gym. If you wish to shower (only if necessary) the showers available are:

Men Showers in sauna/steam area.
Ladies Showers in ladies changing room by squash courts.


Ladies Only gym members are allowed to use the main gym during this time as the ladies only gym is temporarily out of action.



Available for use, but please clean down all touched surfaces after use.

Swimming pool shower and toilets

Available for use - swimmers only but please clean down all touched surfaces after use.

Ladies Main Changing/Shower Room by Squash Courts

Available for use but only use the showers if necessary. Please clean down all touched surfaces after use.


Men’s Changing Room

The communal showers are NOT to be used. Please use the showers in the sauna/steam area, only if necessary.


Indoor pool

The swimming pool will be laned off with 3 lanes in total. These are bookable in 45 mins slots, with a maximum of 3 swimmers per lane, swimming in a clockwise direction.

During this time, it is no longer a requirement to have a shower before using the pool.

There will be no bookable slots between 3pm -6.30pm on Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th Wednesday 29th and Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th August as this time will be reserved for outstanding swim school lessons.

As a family club there will be bookable slots for families (1 hour slot) at the following times:

Monday to Friday 00pm – 3.00pm (one household only i.e. parents and their children only)
Saturdays and Sunday 00pm – 5.00pm (one household only i.e. parents and their children only)

During these times only one family is allowed per lane. If all the slots are not booked on the day, these are available to be booked by individual swimmers but only one per lane.


Aqua classes

Due to social distancing issues, there will be no aqua classes at this stage, but this will be reviewed at the end of the August.



Out of action for the foreseeable future. This area is now a male only shower area. Please only use the showers if necessary.



Out of action for the foreseeable future.




Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 7.00am -  8.00pm

Sat: 7.30am - 7.00pm
Sun: 7.30am - 7.00pm

Bank Hols: 10.00am-6.00pm

Please note, last entry into the club 30 mins before closing


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